Laksa is never assam or kari

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Laksa Biasa 平常 Pêng-Siông


Laksa Istimewa 特別 Te̍k-Pia̍t


Laksa Udang Besar 大蝦 Tōa-Hê

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Sarawak Laksa

Its been a long time open secret of East Malaysian possessed the best hawker food. The common and simple yet carry a different twist and flavor creates the unique experience of street food waiting to be explore...

Laksa from Sarawak, the specialty so popular it is the official breakfast food in the east. It is unique laksa, Sarawak own’s very much differ from all other region. Achieve the authenticity outside Sarawak is a challenge.


Spicy Laksa

Traditional Sarawak laksa is a famous Sarawak beehoon laksa dish is strong in aroma and extremely appetising. It is genuine laksa, not curry laksa, not assam laksa. It is legit LAKSA.


Special Packaging

Bio friendly packaging that sealed in the fresh goodness of authentic laksa dish. Picture is a sample, an extra goodness packaging to be source.


Fresh Spices

A typical bowl of Traditional Sarawak Laksa usually consists of rice vermicelli, omelette strips, shredded chicken, beansprouts, prawns, fresh coriander and lime.

Project Mission

Laksa scene in Singapore is greatly missing out. There is so much more in Laksa the authentic dish of the region. It is such a special and unique dish, yet it is dying slowly.

This project aims to bring Laksa back like never before, one at a time. We start with a fresh laksa flavor. Give a like with the survey to make this happen.


该项目旨在一次一次将叻沙 (Laksa) 带回来。我们从新鲜的叻沙味开始。给调查表一个赞,以实现这一目标。


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